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Hugh Hefner’s Editorial on Sexual Freedom


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Hugh Hefner's Editorial on Sexual Freedom

The more I read this, the more enthusiastic I became. The lgbtq community shouldn’t be the only people fighting for sexual freedom, and I sure hope there are more heterosexuals out there that are willing to speak out against sexual oppression, because it’s your fight too.
(You can find this article in Playboy’s September edition)

For those who don’t believe in Rape Culture, here are some statistics:


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Out of every 100 rapes:

  • 46 are reported to the police
  • 12 rapes will resort in an arrest
  • 9 rape cases are prosecuted
  • 5 rape cases lead to a felony conviction
  • Only 3 rapists will ever spend a day in jail

In a survey of 11-14 year-old boys:

  • 51% believed rape was acceptable if a boy spent a lot of money on a girl
  • 31% believed rape was acceptable  if a girl had past sexual experience
  • 65% believed rape were acceptable if a girl and boy had been dating for more than 6 months
  • 87% believed rape were acceptable if the woman and man are married

A woman might not even have grown up understanding what rape is…because in a survey of 11-14 year-old girls:

  • 41% believed rape was acceptable if a boy spent a lot of money on a girl
  • 32% believed rape was acceptable  if a girl had past sexual experience
  • 47% believed rape were acceptable if a girl and boy had been dating for more than 6 months
  • 79% believed rape were acceptable if the woman and man are married

In a survey of college males:

  • 35% admit – anonymously – that they would rape under the circumstances that they could get away with it
  • 1 in 12 admitted to committing acts defined as rape, but 84% of rapists did not recognize those acts as rape

In yet another survey of college males: 

  • 43% of college-aged men admitted to using coercive behavior to have sex, including ignoring a woman’s protest, using physical aggression, and forcing intercourse.
  • 15% acknowledged they had committed acquaintance rape; 11% acknowledged using physical restraints to force a woman to have sex.

“In a rape case it is the victim, not the defendant, who is on trial.”

Sources: Statistics Reported Rapes


Raped and pregnant, but wait, they aren’t finished tormenting you yet…


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Raped, pregnant, unable to abort and the torment still isn't over?

“In the vast majority of states — 31 — men who father through rape are able to assert the same custody and visitation rights to their children that other fathers enjoy. When no law prohibits a rapist from exercising these rights, a woman may feel forced to bargain away her legal rights to a criminal trial in exchange for the rapist dropping the bid to have access to her child. (”

Calm Down Homophobe… We’re Keeping it in the Species.


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I’ve heard people try to compare homosexuality with bestiality. I’ve also heard
people try to compare homosexuality with cross species sex. These two arguments are by far the most ridiculous examples of homophobia I’ve ever encountered.

“A man having sex with a man is like a cat having sex with a dog. There’s a reason dogs and cats don’t mate together; it’s all unnatural.”
Really? The two aren’t comparable when you actually break this analogy down. Cats and dogs are from two entirely different species categories.  Cats are Felis catus and dogs are Canis lupus familiaris. They don’t mate together because they are of different species. All genders of human are in the species Homo sapiens. Homosexuality is natural, in that sexual acts are being kept in the species.
Fun Fact: Over 15,00+ animal species practice homosexual behaviors. The most well-known animal that practices homosexuality is the dwarf chimpanzee; one of humanity’s closes relatives. The entire species is bisexual. Lions are also homosexual. Male lions often band together with their brothers to lead the pride. To ensure loyalty, they strengthen the bonds by often having sex with each other (

“You let the queers marry each other and pretty soon people are going to be marrying their dogs.”
Well, that escalated quickly. Here’s the problem with this comparison: Marriage requires a very important item; a contract. Marriage is a contract which two (or more) people must give written consent to bind the union. Do animals write in any of our languages? No. Can they sign their names? No. Can people in love give written consent to bind themselves with a marriage union? Yes. Should their gender matter? No.

Alright homophobes, I know you must have a better and more logical reason behind your opposition? Wait, no you don’t.

Warriors with Breasts: Lara Croft


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“It seems that for women to be equal, we have to become symbolic males–warriors with breasts.”

This is Lara Croft. To most, she is the perfect fantasy for young men of the digital generation. She’s presented as a tough and aggressive woman who still manages to look sexy despite the predicaments she finds herself in. Ideally, she reflects a typical heterosexual man’s perspective on what feminism should look like (Henslin 2011).

Lara Croft isn’t the only example of this feminist mold, and it’s great that women are finally being perceived as physically capable of being as strong as a man, but why is the perspective one-sided?

Things to consider:

1: Tough and Sexy? Why does she have to be tough and sexy? Does our society value a woman based on her abilities, or her looks. Yes, our society cares more about what a woman looks like than we do her talent. A good example lies within our recent Olympic Games. People were more concerned with Gabby Douglas’ hair style than they were with her performance. Another columnist was more concerned with how the women in the Olympics were “too muscly” and “too flat-chested”, saying that “womanhood was dying in the Olympics.” Obviously we are too concerned with how sexual a woman is and don’t stop to appreciate how strong they can be.

2: Why is the gender role adoption one-sided? We see women adopting masculine traits, but why aren’t more men adopting feminine traits? Being feminine is associated with being meek and delicate, while being masculine is associated with being tough and powerful. Stop yourself for a second and separate feminine from female, because being a female doesn’t mean you inherit the feminine gender roles; Also separate male from masculine, because you don’t inherit masculine roles just because you’re a male. Gender roles are CHOSEN. You choose to be masculine, just like you choose to be feminine, and you chose certain areas where you’re more of one than the other. Now, go back to that question: 

Sokka gender-bending and learning to “fight like a girl”

We see women adopting masculine traits, but why aren’t more men adopting feminine traits? Delicate, soft, tender, gentle…these are all words associated with femininity. Why is being feminine such a bad thing? Because it is associated with being a woman, and people in general would rather intimate what they think is powerful rather than weakness. What society doesn’t realize is that femininity is just as powerful as masculinity. In reality, we default to masculinity because we associate it with maleness; and the more you pass as male, the more privilege you can grasp. And before you go denying your privilege, click this.

3: How do we collectively institutionalize the association that women are the weaker and lesser sex? Well, lets examine how we insult people. What’s the worst word you can think of to call a woman? How about slut, whore, bitch, or cunt? What’s the worst thing you can call a man? You’ll probably call him a girly man, bitch, or a pussy. Notice anything? The most insulting thing to be is a woman (Jessica Valenti). Can someone explain to me what is so bad about being a woman or choosing to be feminine? Don’t be blind; this is far from a joke among friends.

Personally, I find power in being feminine. I choose to be feminine, and I can just as easily choose to be masculine. Here’s another thing associated with femininity: being vocal. I was told that I was weak because it’s impossible for me to lift 200 pounds. Well, for one it’s not impossible, because if I weight-trained I could eventually do such a thing. In all seriousness though, I think being able to brag about how much weight you can lift is pretty useless. Being vocal, however, is pretty powerful. Those who exercise that “feminine” trait happen to talk on average 7000 more words than those who don’t. Think about how powerful being a “chatter-box” can be. I want to revolutionize sex education. I want people to open their eyes and see the inequality that exist in our society. I’m very vocal about it, and the people who listen to me and agree seem to fuel themselves with passion. I also piss ignorant people off with my words, which is quite fun, to be honest. Being vocal is a feminine gender role, and it seems to be far more powerful than lifting weights.

So people, don’t be afraid to be feminine. It’s an equally competent gender role.