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I went to visit my old high school a couple of months ago for a retirement party for an old teacher of mine. I decided to walk around and look at the ghost of my past because that was the last time the school would be open. They built a new one in the center of the town, and now this thirty year old building is abandoned.

This is the entrance of the alternative school room from my old high school. I didn’t know what to think and I didn’t know what to write when I saw this, but I do now.

I was furious. When I was in here, it wasn’t labeled “second chances”. I think my testimony proves that you don’t receive a second chance from places like this. I served 98 days in that place. The room was white. I wasn’t suppose to talk. I sat in one place for eight hours. I was escorted everywhere. My friends abandoned me. Why? Because I was a cutter. I was depressed. I was suicidal. And I was treated like a criminal. Everyone in this room was treated like that, and we weren’t bad people.

We did the routine “why are you here” story time, and the “worst” of us all was a pot head who got caught dealing, and he wasn’t even dealing at the school. Not all pot smokers are bad, but my point being: I had a mental disorder, and I was thrown in a room with people who broke laws. They even placed a pregnant teenager in there because she was in 8th grade and that “sent a bad image to other students”, but she was almost 16. She was only in 8th grade because she was held back by her parents. All the while, we had a slew of pregnant high-school girls the same age as her who roamed the halls freely. Is that really how you give someone a second chance?

I didn’t even receive help. We had to do all our work online and I wasn’t even given a tutor when I started failing math. My friends were told by their parents to not speak to me because I was dangerous. Stevo, the guy I met in Alt. school, was the only one who understood, but even he was taken away from me. This is why I don’t trust anyone. My days spent here didn’t give me a second chance. My days spent here cemented my anxiety, depression, anger, and trust issues. I haven’t been the same since.

Fuck you MCHS. Just fuck you…