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What does an abortion really look like?

Trigger Warning: Blood, Medical Procedures

This woman was brave enough to take pictures of the aftermath of her abortion using her phone. Her pregnancy was at 6 weeks. Usually, anti-choice (pro-life) people will tell a woman that in as early as six weeks, tissues and organs are forming. Is that really the case?

See for yourself by clicking the link. You’ll find that her abortion wasn’t full of arms and limbs. There wasn’t a crushed fetus head. None of that. At most what you will see when you click the link is the lining of the uterus and stem-cells mixed in with blood; but in all honesty vagina-owners, aside from the small amount of abstract stem-cells, you see what’s in those jars once a month.

Regardless your thoughts on abortion, it was made legal in 1973 thanks to the Roe vs Wade trial. Why are we still protesting this shit? Seems like we are repressing ourselves back to the dark ages. Understand that women WILL continue to seek ways to control their reproduction with or without the consent of the people and the law. Understand that if abortion is made illegal again, women will seek out abortions through coat hangers and sketchy doctors who don’t know what the hell they’re doing. What the anti-choice movement doesn’t understand, is that statistically, more lives will be lost if abortion is made illegal.

I encourage everyone to educate themselves on abortion with as much diverse information as is accessible.  Through education, you can make an informed decision about what is best for your body.